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When it comes to the joys of riding a bike, few things compare to the pleasure of exploring little pockets of wilderness you’ve never set foot in before. FreeRider takes that even further by providing electric bikes for rent, either for individual use or as part of organized tours, in a part of Romania that never fails to impress. The sheer beauty of the Campulung Muscel area is enough to attract tourists from all corners of the world, but even as they first set eyes on its vastness they realize a bike is a far better option than merely trekking or hiking the nearby heights. The even better option, though, is an e-bike, as the extra power provided by the battery will ensure you get further and higher than you could have ever imagined. Cycling routes are abundant in this not quite little corner of the world and they are varied enough to provide plenty of fun for anyone and everyone, regardless of skill level or physical fitness. All you need is willingness to give these fun machines a try – you’ll soon realize it’s a team effort, but one where you get to decide just how much you want to contribute.

Ebike rental in Romania: location is key

Once you’ve decided to rent an e-bike from us, the next step is to simply get here. A mere 160 km / 90 miles separate Campulung Muscel from Bucharest (a relatively short drive on the highway and the newly-asphalted national road) or 80 km / 45 miles if you’re coming in from Brașov on the national road (for more on how to get here check the map at the bottom of the article). Nearby landmarks – not to mention major tourist attractions – include the famous Bran Castle and the Piatra Craiului National Park.

Power-up your ride: e-bikes for eco-fun

The bikes available for rent are top-notch, 2020 edition, hardtails Haibike Electric bicycles, equipped with 250 W Yamaha or Bosch engines that can boost your pedalling power up to a top speed of 25 km / h (approximately 15 miles / hour). You get to choose between 4 levels of assistance: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo, Eco meaning that you get the least extra-power – basically a 50% boost – and Turbo meaning you go full-power, with a 300% boost.

That being said, take a look below at the e-bikes available for rent at the moment:

1 Haibike Sduro HardSeven 3.0, size S, Yamaha engine, 27.5 inch wheels, 500 Wh battery, hardtail
5 Haibike Sduro HardNine 3.0, size M, Yamaha engine, 29 inch wheels, 500 Wh battery, hardtail
2 Haibike Sduro HardNine 3.0, size L, Yamaha engine, 29 inch wheels, 500 Wh battery, hardtail
1 Haibike Xduro HardSeven 6.0, size M, Bosch engine, 27plus wheels, 500 Wh battery, hardtail

As for what it will cost you to rent such a powerful fun machine, it depends on whether you want a hardtail or a full-suspension bike. A hardtail e-bike can be rented for EUR 42 / day, whereas the price for renting a 27plus bike is of EUR 52 / day.

I want to ride… what’s on the menu?

Plenty of trails, forest roads, and even bits of asphalt roads make up the menu for those who want to explore the area from behind the bars of a rented e-bike. The choice of route depends entirely on your skill level. For instance, as a beginner you can choose to ride the rented e-bike to the Cuca Chalet, which is located only 25 km away, at the foot of the Iezer Mountain. That particular ride would be comprised of some 70% asphalt, over a relatively quiet and traffic-free road, and would allow you to check out other landmarks too, such as the Rausor Dam and the Voina Chalet. Past the chalet you’d find yourself pedalling on an easy forest road that would allow you to really take in the serene scenery as you make your way to your destination.

Other good options for a beginner cyclist on an e-bike include a trip up Matau, the highest hill in Romania, which would take you to an altitude a little over 1000 m. Similarly appealing is the picturesque trail leading to the local trout farm or the various routes through the secluded villages strung along the Mateias Quarry.

With the boost provided by the battery-assisted bikes, even beginners can go further, which means you could also choose to visit the Dambovita Gorge, one of the most spectacular places in Romania, which is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on anyone who sets eyes on its beauty.

Beauty is, in fact, abundant throughout the Campulung Muscel area, which means anyone coming here for a ride on rented e-bikes will be rewarded with picture-perfect scenery, the sense of inner peace that nature generously bestows on those who are able to appreciate it, and memories to last for a life time. That goes double for more advanced cyclists, whose extra skills, paired with the technological wonders of an electric mountain bike, would enable them to easily climb the 1200 m – or more – to such towering summits as Stramtu, Dobriasul Mare, or even Piscul Calului. Nor would the thrilling challenges end there. King among its kind, Mount Iezer awaits those willing to accept the challenge with the breath-taking panorama of its impressive altitude of over 2000 meters, giving you a bird’s eye view of other neighbouring peaks, such as those that make up the Leaota Mountains, and their amazing scenery.

Naturally, all these destinations are accessible via routes that have been carefully verified and confirmed as perfectly safe for cycling, and the bikes themselves come with batteries strong enough to last you through your ride and get you back safe and sound.

I want the full experience… what else is there to see?

The Campulung Muscel area has been the cradle of human settlements for almost 2000 years, as evidenced by such historical treasures as the Roman Castrum at Jidova or the Negru Voda church (arguably of more recent build than the Castrum). Equally worth visiting are the hill of Matau – the highest in Romania – the Rausor Dam, the Mateias stone quarry and the Mateias Mausoleum, as well as any of the multitude of mountain peaks, some of them over 2000 m high, that you can reach via carefully manicured trails or forest roads cut along various creeks and rivers. Ultimately, the choice is entirely yours – and we’re eager to help you chose what best suits you, as we’re more than familiar with all these landmarks and the best ways to reach them.

Sounds like fun… but won’t i need a guide?

If the multitude of options ends up feeling slightly overwhelming, we’re more than happy to assist you by providing every kind of guidance or counselling you might need – including an actual guide for your e-bike ride. If you’d rather cycle on your own or with a group of friends, we’ll provide you with all the information you might need to not only reach your destination with no chance of getting lost but also to be able to fully understand and enjoy the sights you are bound to encounter on the way. Another option is to have one of the members of the FreeRider team join you on your ride, to give you pointers on the things you uncover as you go along, such as mountain peaks, pieces of local history or other general points of interest. A third way to do this is to get a state-of-the-art Bryton GPS with the routes preloaded on it, just to keep you on the right track. We’re happy to provide that sort of assistance – the GPS device – for an extra RON 25 (EUR 5.5) per day, or to simply mark your waypoints on Google Maps so you can navigate using your own smartphone.

I got this far – and back – now I might want to get a good night’s sleep?

We want you to enjoy your e-bike ride to the fullest and we’re aware that might mean spending the entire day in the saddle. So yes, we can see where you’re coming from when you ask about accommodation. That’s an extra service we’re able to provide, complete with breakfast on the following day. After all, why bother to drive back home at the end of an exciting, adventure-filled day when you can choose to spend the night in a cosy room, with a king-sized bed (well, actually, the beds are 1.6m x 2.0 m, but confortable enough for a king) and rest easy at the thought the break of dawn will bring tasty food and delicious coffee?

You can’t put a price on fun… but there’s bound to be a cost?

You’re right about that, you can’t put a price on fun, nor on the joy and sense of freedom you get from riding an e-bike. We’ve made an effort, though, and came up with sensible, budget-friendly rates that you can check out below (keep in mind all prices are per person).


The price for renting an e-bike is the same whether you do it during the workweek or during the weekend, namely RON 200 / EUR 42 per bicycle per day. For a 27plus bike you’ll need to spend an extra EUR 10, meaning you can rent it at a rate of EUR 52/day.

Bed and breakfast: To spend the night at our villa you’ll need to pay RON 100 / EUR 25 per person per night. For either of these options breakfast is included in the price.

Sounds great! How do I book a ride?

To join us for a guided tour or rent an e-bike – or more – please e-mail us at [email protected]. Make sure to clearly indicate the dates you want to book with us and the number of people who will be participating. Equally important is to let us know whether you want a guided tour or a ride on your own and if you need us to also provide accommodation.

On the map below you’ll find our exact location and directions on how to reach us. Please get in touch with us to confirm your reservation before actually getting here, as we’re not permanently around (after all, we’ve got some riding to do!)